Scam is an electronic news in the Internet who deceive and be deceived, so the sender will receive benefits and certain benefits. Example of a scam that we often encounter is a chain letter and the announcement of the lottery. In this case a result of this scam news for the recipients to be more serious, in comparison with the spam.
In English, the scam is also interpreted as a confidence trick or confidence game, so at first recipient of news to feel confident and does not suspect that this is a form of fraud.
Spam or junk mail is a misuse of the electronic delivery of news to display advertisements and other personal news that caused inconvenience for the users of the web.
Common form of spam known news includes: spam email, instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, search engine spam web information (web search engine spam), spam blogs, spam news on cell phones, Internet forum spam, and others.

Spam usually comes a barrage without being asked and often not desired by the recipient. Some other examples of this can be a spam email containing advertising, mail a brief period (an SMS) on mobile phones, the news is entered in a forum of news groups that do not contain promotional items related to the activities of these news groups, spamdexing which controls a search engine (search engines) to find the popularity of a particular URL, or can be a useless news and enter in a blog, web site guest book, and others.
Spam sent by the ad-makers with a very low operating costs, because it does not require any spam list (mailing list) for achieving the desired customers. As a result many of the injured party. In addition to Internet users themselves, the ISP (Internet Service Provider or Internet Service Provider), and the general public also feel uncomfortable. Because usually very disturbing and sometimes deceive, news spam is included in unlawful activity and is a criminal act that can be dealt with through the Internet law.
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