Web site or sites can be interpreted as a collection of pages that display information of text data, a still image or motion data, animation data, voice, video, or a combination of everything, whether it is static or dynamic that formed a series of interconnected buildings where each networks associated with the page (hyperlink). If the content is static website information remains, rarely changed, and the contents of the information in the same direction only from the website owner. If the content is dynamic website information is always changing, and the content of interactive two-way information comes from owners and users of the website. Examples of static websites is contains company profile, while a dynamic website is like Friendster, Multiply, etc.. In the development side, static website can only be updated by the owners only, while a dynamic website can be updated by users and owners.

To provide a website, you must have available the supporting elements, is as follows:
1. The domain name (Domain name / URL - Uniform Resource Locator)
The domain name or commonly known by the Domain Name or URL is the unique address in the Internet world that is used to identify a website, or in other words the domain name is the address used to locate a website on the internet.
Domain names are bought and sold freely on the internet with the status of annual rent. After the Domain Name was bought at one of the registration service provider, then the user is provided a control panel to administer it. If user forget / not to extend the lease term, then the domain name will be on the loose again its availability to the public. The domain name itself has identified extensions / suffixes in accordance with the interests and the location of the site.

2. The house where a website (web hosting)
Web Hosting can be interpreted as contained in the hard disk space to store various data, files, images, video, data, email, statistics, databases and so forth that will be displayed on the website. The amount of data that can be added depending on the size of the web hosting that is rented / owned, the greater the larger the web hosting data that can be entered and displayed on the website.
Web Hosting also be obtained by renting. Users will get a protected control panel with the username and password for the website administration. The amount of disk space hosting determined the size of MB (Mega Bytes) or GB (Giga Byte). Old web hosting rental average is calculated per year. Rental hosting done from tenant companies web hosting that are commonly found in both Indonesia and Foreign Affairs. Location groundbreaking data center (datacenter) a variety of web hosting. There are in Jakarta, Singapore, England, America, etc. with varying rents.

3. Language Programs (Scripts Program).
Is the language used to translate each command in a website that when accessed. Types of language courses is to determine the static, dynamic or interactive website. The more variety of language programs that use it will show the website more dynamic, and interactive as well as look good.
Diverse language program currently exists to support quality of our website. Types of programs that many types of language used by web designers, among others, HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, Java Scripts, Java applets, XML, etc. Ajax. Basic language that is used every site is HTML, while PHP, ASP, JSP and others are supporting language that acts as a dynamic regulatory, and interactive sites.
Language courses ASP, PHP, JSP or another can make your own. Language courses are normally used to build a portal of news, articles, discussion forums, guestbooks, members of the organization, emails, mailing lists, etc. that require an update every time.

4. Website design.
After doing the leasing domain name and web hosting as well as mastery of language programs (scripts programs), an important element and the main website is the design. Website design determines the quality and beauty of a website. Design is very influential to the assessment of visitors will be good or not a website.
To create a website can usually be done by yourself or hire a website designer. Currently very many services web designers, especially in big cities. Please note that the quality of the site is largely determined by the quality designers. More and more web designers mastery of a variety of programs / software support site development will produce more high quality sites, and vice versa. Services are web designers who generally require the highest cost of all site development costs and all that depends on the quality designers. Website design programs one of them is Macromedia Firework, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage, etc..

5. Courses transfer data to a data center.
The dikomputernya web designers working on their own websites. Various language courses, information data text, images, video, and sound files have become supporters of the website. These files can be opened using the explorer program (browser) that saw a complete website in your own computer (offline). But those files need to be put in order at home hosting the online version accessible to the entire world. Users will be given access to an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) after ordering a web hosting to move the website files to the web hosting data centers. To be able to use FTP needed an FTP program, such as WAS FTP, Smart FTP, Cute FTP, etc.. This FTP program can be easily found on the internet with free use of status and must pay. The web designer can use the FTP facility that is integrated with the website maker program, eg Adobe Dreamweaver.

6. Publications website.
The existence of no use website was built without a visit or known by the public or visitors internet. Because the site is effective or not depends on the size of incoming visitors and comments. To introduce the site to the public require what is called a publication or promotion.
Publication sites in the community can be done in various ways such as by-Pamphlets contain Pamphlets contain, flyers, billboards, business cards, etc. but this way it can be said is still less effective and very limited. The way that usually do and most effective with unlimited space or time is a direct publication on the internet through a search engine search engines (search engines, like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Search Indonesia, etc.).
How to publications in which search engines are free and some are paid. That is free is usually limited and long enough to get in and recognizable in popular search engines like Yahoo or Google. Publications is an effective way to pay, although the issue would be slightly faster but the site into search engines and known by the visitors.

To support the continuation of the site maintenance is required every time the desired result such as the addition of information, news, articles, links, images, or others. Without good maintenance of the site will seem boring or monotonous too will soon be left visitors.
Site maintenance can be done per specified period such as every day, every week or every month on a regular basis or just a periodic basis depending on need (not routine). Routine maintenance is typically used by news websites, the provider of the article, organization or government agency. Meanwhile, periodic maintenance is usually for personal sites, sales / e-commerce, and others.

It should be understood that the domain name and web hosting hired status. During the second it paid the lease extension, then you are entitled to possess and use it. Many cases of forgetfulness in the extension of the lease term, or difficult to contact third parties (web designers) as an intermediary initial registration, it would be fatal. You will lose the domain name as an identity in the Internet world. Make sure you remember to extend the lease term. The significance of the domain name you should understand.

Sudomain blog is actually from a website. Usually blogs are free of charge. Web site famous for making the blog is blogspot and wordpress.
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