Hacker is a term for people who provide a useful contribution to the computer network, creating a small program and share it with people on the Internet. Hacker means seeking, learning and change something on the Internet for hobbies and development by following the legality of which have been determined by a website. Hackers are usually doing some undercover with the intention of satisfying the knowledge and techniques. - Average company in the world of global networks (the Internet) also has a hacker. His job is to keep the network from possible destruction of other parties, examine the possibility of tissue from the aperture into the cracker opportunities damaging its network.

Cracker is the designation for those who go into others and the cracker system more destructive, usually on a computer network, damaging a password, or license computer programs, computer security against intentional, change the home page of the website belongs to someone else even to delete the data of others, steal data and generally do cracking for their own benefit, malice, or because there are challenges. Some piercing process carried out to show the system security weaknesses.

Hacker levels from the highest
  • Elite
Understanding the Internet operating system, able to configure and connect a global network, do pemrogramman every day, efficiently and expertly, using knowledge appropriately, does not destroy data, and always follow the rules.
  • Semi Elite
Younger than the elite, has the ability and extensive knowledge of computers, understanding of the operating system on the internet.
  • Developed Kiddie
He's still young and still in school, they read about the method of hacking and how on many occasions.
  • Script Kiddie
Hacking is usually done using a trojan to frighten and distress some Internet users live.
  • Lamer
Does not have the experience and knowledge but want to be a hacker. Use their computers mainly to play games, exchange software, stealing credit cards, hacking trojan software was used.

Crackers do not have a specific hierarchy because it is only to dismantle and destroy.

Hacker Ethics
  • Unlimited access to a computer.
  • All information for free.
  • Do not believe in the authority,
  • Not wearing a fake identity, such as a pseudonym.
  • Ability to create beauty in the computer art.
  • Computers can change lives for the better.
  • The work is done solely for the sake of the truth of the information to be transmitted.
  • Firmly committed not to defend certain software industry.
  • Hacking is a major weapon in the fight against violations of the limits of computer technology.
  • Hacking is a way to disseminate information to other people not to fall behind in the computer.
  • Crackers do not have any ethics code.
  • Hacker Rules
  • General description of the rules that needs to follow a hacker as described by Scorpio, namely:
  • Respect for knowledge and freedom of information.
  • Notifying the system administrator will be a breach of security.
  • Not taking advantage of the party in hacking
  • Not to distribute and collect the pirated software.
  • Never take risks beyond their own capabilities.
  • Always willing to be open, free, free inform and teach a variety of information and methods are obtained.
  • Never hacking a system to steal money.
  • Never given access to a person who will make mischief.
  • Never to have been accidentally deleted or damaged files on your computer.
  • Respect the machine in hacking, and treats him like their own machine.
True hackers will always act based on a code of ethics and rules of the game was a cracker does not have a code of ethics or rules of the game because crackers are destructive.

Differences Hacker and Cracker

  • Having the ability to analyze the weaknesses of a system or site and reported this incident to be repaired to be perfect.
  • Hackers have the ethical and creative in designing a program that is useful for anyone.
  • A hacker is not stingy to share his knowledge to people who seriously on behalf of science and virtue.
  • Ability to create a program for the benefit of himself and damaging and making a profit ..
  • Can stand alone or clustered in the act.
  • Having a site that is hidden, only certain people can access it.
  • Having an IP that can not be traced.
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