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Review Inadda and how to sign up

As an online Inadda is a highly innovative and unique advertising network with a system of CPM (Cost Per Million). Inadda help all website owners to have a centralized place to advertise and market their websites on the internet. Website owners (publishers) and advertisers can now be confident that all their needs related to the promotion and publish their sites maintained in a systematic way. Those who want to give their ads on the Web site publishers can contact Inadda for all round support and assistance. Inadda provides a healthy solution for all your publicity needs.

As shown in the ad network web forms for clients, allowing them to Inadda extra benefit of the site as well. 70% paid to affiliates and publishers just need to get the right advertising partner for the perfect setup. Various advertising agencies were contacted by their sales team dedicated to making you get the right ads and publishers benefit from advertising on the site. Extensive network necessary to get the best exposure for the site in question.

Site requirements for approval as a publisher in Inadda:
  • Sites which contain material that infringes the rights of others (including but not limited to copyright and other intellectual property rights) or which promotes copyright piracy (i.e., unauthorized MP3s, roms, 'warez', emulators, or cracks, etc.)
  • Sites with pornography, adult content, sexual or erotic material or sites that contain links to such content
  • Sites with gratuitous displays of violence, obscene or vulgar language, and abusive content or content which endorses or threatens physical harm
  • Sites promoting any type of hate-mongering (i.e., racial, political, ethnic, religious, gender-based, sexuality-based or personal, etc.)
  • Sites that participate in or transmit inappropriate newsgroup postings or unsolicited e-mail (spam)
  • Sites promoting any type of illegal substance or activity (i.e., how to build a bomb, hacking, 'phreaking', etc.)
  • Sites with illegal, false or deceptive investment advice and money-making opportunities
  • Sites that provide incentives of any nature to require or encourage users to click on ad banners (i.e., charity, sweepstakes, etc.).
  • Sites that are under construction or incomplete
  • Sites with extremely limited audiences or viewership
  • Sites with any type of content reasonable public consensus deems to be improper or inappropriate
  • Sites that contain any content violating privacy laws, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.
  • Sites using hidden ads or redirections just to increase impressions
  • Sites that have pages filled with only ads and no content
  • Sites that are using more then three inAdda ad units per page

Payment Terms:
  • Minimum payout $50
  • Payments are made Within 30 to 45 days by invoices
  • Payment will be made through by cheque

  • Telephone: +91 11 43559663
  • Email: info@inAdda.com
  • Form in their site

How to register at Inadda:
  1. Login to the site, click here, and click "sign Up"
  2. Enter your personal data, including email
  3. Wait your membership is approved.
  4. You are ready to place the ads in your site.
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